English – when Edward Andò put his hands on scepticism and intellectual self-defence

Hands-on « Edwood »

Edward Andò, is a CNRS Research Engineer working in Laboratoire 3SR (Soils, Solids, Structures and Risks) in Grenoble. Since a few years, he is involved with CorteX1. Recently, Edward decided to jump the line in presenting a lecture called Knowledge and the scientific method: basic intellectual self-defence and hands-on scepticism.

Here are record and slides he used at 19ème journées des doctorants, école doctorale EEATS (Électronique, Électrotechnique, Automatique & Traitement du signal), the 14th of june 2017. Thanks to Guy Vitrant and Cédric Masante.

Download the record.

Download his slides.





  1. CorteX is a group of teachers and researchers created in 2010, working on critical thinking and intellectual self-defence created. CorteX teaches these subjects at the university level, from bachelors to PhDs, in schools and in academic training in general. In 2016, the French Ministry of Education appointed the CorteX to coordinate the development of critical thinking in schools in the south-east of France. In 2017, CorteX founded an SFR — Federative Research Structure on Critical thinking in Grenoble.